Mere Beasts (Cont.)

19. Apophatic
(Ophelia) I find that in the process
Of declaring this moment, this thought,
As what defines, delineates me
That in the next moment I reject the idea
I found was all encompassing
The world, my internal landscape
Proves too vast and unknowable

I am always trying to stop
At a point in time to reach contentment,
Clinging to it;
Spreading it thinly across the hours to come
When it wears away I start again and think
(as if it never occurred before)
It will stay!
That I have at last won and the answer is granted -
The key to happiness

23. Shame
(Ophelia) Reality, reality is too cruel!
One moment, no chance to relive things
Reality is for people imprisoned
Addicted to being victimized
I can control my world
That is real freedom
(Who calls this madness?
I will brook no captious dissenters!)
The liberation which we dare not name
Too afraid to even whisper
Who needs society’s labels?
I have found happiness
Control, complete control
Infinitely superior to the curse of reality!

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